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Cities: Skylines - Deluxe Edition Upgrade Pack
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Additional Information
Simulation, Strategy
English**languages with full audio support
release date
01 March 2015
Paradox Interactive, Paradox Interactive
Colossal Order, Colossal Order
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About the game
: name is provided with a gift for the Steam account.

The Deluxe Edition:

Included in the Deluxe Edition are 5 In-game historical monuments from around the world, the games original soundtrack as well as a digital art book.

Five in-game items include:

  • Statue of Liberty
  • Eiffel Tower
  • Brandenburg Gate
  • Arc de Triomphe
  • Grand central terminal

Original Soundtrack:

This Original Soundtrack includes 14 unique tracks mixed from the ambient music of the game, allowing you to enjoy the wonderful music whenever you want.

Digital Art book:

See the concepts behind the buildings! The book features almost a 32 hand drawn concepts of the game various buildings and the story behind each.
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