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2nd Circle - Powerful Magic
"You have a Powerful Destiny.And NOW You Have to Follow It."The text on my uncles card for my 16 years birthdays...Two months after he's death.Your uncle's card, came with a box.The box has a simple wand, and a YouTube link.Now You have to find out, if your uncle died a...
133 руб.
120 руб.
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додаткова інформація
Бойовик, Пригодницька гра
англійська**повністю озвучено цими мовами
дата виходу
18 October 2018
Jesper Skjærbæk, Jesper Skjærbæk
Jesper Skjærbæk, Jesper Skjærbæk
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Системні вимоги
  • ОС: Windows 8
  • Процесор: +2 Ghz
  • Оперативна пам’ять: 1 GB ОП
  • Відеокарта: Yes
  • DirectX: версії 9.0
  • Місце на диску: 750 MB доступного місця
  • Звукова карта: Yes
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"You have a Powerful Destiny.
And NOW You Have to Follow It."

The text on my uncles card for my 16 years birthdays.
..Two months after he's death.

Your uncle's card, came with a box.
The box has a simple wand, and a YouTube link.

Now You have to find out, if your uncle died as your mother tells it...

You Shall buy this game, if You like magic.
The only Obstacle for buying "2nd Circle", Right Now, is if You have enough money.
A good reason for buying "2nd Circle", is that it has a lot of fun Spells.
Another good reason to Buy "2nd Circle", is that You want to Control Powerful Demons.

Magic is your new path.

Imagine Cloaking Yourself in Fire, so Nobody can Touch You.
Or Summoning a Bee-Swarm, that Attacks Anybody in Your Way.

You can choose between 5 Schools of Magic.
You can Summon Many Different Servants to Fight for You.

There are LeaderBoards, so You can Compete with Others.
Are You the Fastest, or most Powerful Wizard.?

You choose which type of Sorcerer, You want to be.
Fire - Earth - Water - Air or Metal.
Each Element has it own Unique Spells.

Some Elements works well on Some Enemies, while others does No Damage.

If you choose the Path of Fire, You will cast spells like:
The Circle of Fire: Or Strongest, Minion Spell: The FireLord

First you will learn to cast simple spells, and then more and more powerful spells.

This spell is called "Falling Skye" and is Stones Falling and Crushing Enemies.

You will also get different Wands, that will help you cast stronger spells.
But the real price are the Crystals.
Mined deep beneath the earth, with many different abilities.

After Completing Your Training, You will Can Enter into The Real Adventure.

You will meet More and More Dangerous Enemies.

The Stronger Enemies Cast Powerful Spells and Summons Monsters to Fight on Their Side.

When you have completed The Training,
You can Re-Start The Game with a New Wizard Starting at a Higher Level.

You can choose to become any type of mage,
to find if You can Complete The Game as an New Wizard.

Or you can Play in GOD Mode....
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